My first post.

My first post.

Hiya my names Abi, I am the owner of Pud Puds. 

Baking has always been my happy place! We have been through incredibly tough times over the last few years and baking has always given my time to zone out and reach my happy place. My shop is my dream business getting to bake and be in my happy place often!  

As you may know I have my husband Tom and we have been together 20 years! I have 3 children and I am an SEN mum! I also have lots of dogs and breed Pomeranians. 

I Have been thinking about adding a blog for a while but never had the time, built up the courage or know what to write but no more excuses I am here and blogging!! 

I will be hoping to blog nice an regularly with an update about life and of course Pud Puds its self. I am going to be updating you 1-2 times a week I hope!! 

We will update you on specials, any events coming up, menu changes, shop changes and of course a bit of an insight to our lives and who we are!!! 


I am hoping lots of you will check in and enjoy our posts especially mums that can relate to my hetic life juggling being a wife, a mum, an SEN mum, a business owner, a PA, a friend and what ever else gets thrown at me!! 

So welcome to my blog!! 

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